Chembridge Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

Our Strength And Capability

  • Highly qualified TEAM with rich experience in Process Development/Scale-up/Technology and Commercial
    scale Manufacturing of API & CRAMS.
  • Experience of working on development of all kind of reactions.
  • Adequate facility for the development and

Chemistry Capabilities

  • Cryogenic reactions ( up to -78°C).
  • Reduction, oxidation and epoxidation.
  • Suzuki coupling, organometalic reaction,
    halogenation, chlorosulphonation and acylation.
  • Chiral resolution and recimisation.
  • High pressure hydrogenation.
  • Handling of hazardas reagent like n-Butyl Lithium,
    DIBAL, DPP, LiAlH4, NaH etc.

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